Fundraising News

Sign Up for eScrip Today – Don’t Delay!
     School may be out for the summer, but eScrip is still hard at work raising funds for Brewer. Last month our 148 Brewer eScrip supporters generated over $330 for our kids by doing their normal shopping using their regular credit and debit cards.
     Grocery shopping at Safeway or Piedmont Grocery? Going out to eat at Ozumo, Pican, 3000 Broadway, Lanesplitter Pizza, Ta-ke Sushi or another great restaurant? Shopping online at Amazon,, Expedia, or just about any other online site?
     Brewer is losing out on up to 5% of what you spend if you are not registered with eScrip! Take 3 minutes right now to register and you’re done!
     1. Simply go to and click on Step 1: Sign Up, then enter Group Name: “Edna Brewer Middle School PTSA” or Group ID “6651479”. You can select up to 3 schools or organizations to support!
     2. Enter your contact information (name, address, email, phone).
     3. Register your Safeway card and credit/debit cards (absolutely safe, 3 digit CVV code is not captured, only the number for tracking).
     Then every time you make purchases with an eScrip merchant (there are lots), up to 5% goes to our kids.
     August is bonus month for Safeway shoppers. Look for the special tags at Safeway and 10% of your purchase will go to Brewer. Last year Brewer received almost $600 for the month of August!
     Be a SUPER supporter! Add Safeway and credit card numbers for family and friends under your eScrip. You can register up to 4 Safeway cards and multiple credit card numbers under one account.