Understanding Your Student’s Schedule

     Dear Parents,
     I had a question about my son’s schedule, and Ms. Philips, our amazing School Counselor, provided this info for me to share with you all:

     The schedules can be confusing due to the District’s program that creates them, so please read the following to clear up some concerns:
     1. Geometry is before school at 7:15, not 7th period. Jazz band is the only class on the schedule that is actually after school. The district’s computer program that creates the schedules already has a class in 0 period, so that’s why Geometry is listed as 7th.  Please ignore it.
     2. A column on the left has a Y, F, or S which means a Year-long class, Fall class, and Spring class. That is why it looks like your student may have two classes in one period. It is just two half year classes. He/she will switch in the end of January.
     3. The core English class is listed as English/ELD. It is not an ELD (English as a second language) class. It is just a regular English class. That is simply the course title that the district uses in the computer.
     4. 6th grade Math with Ms. Brekke-Brownelle is in Rm 21 not Rm 26 as the written on the schedule. All of the Pilot classes are in the same hallway downstairs in the 6th grade wing.
     Please call, email or come see me with any questions or concerns.  The beginning of the school year is always a little confusing, but in no time, we will have everyone settled.
     Thanks for your patience,
     Ms. Philips, alice.philips@ousd.k12.ca.us
     If you have questions you’d like answered before the first day of school as well, please don’t hesitate to post them to the list serve. I’ll do my best to answer them, and for those I can’t, I’ll try to find the answer at the earliest time possible.
     Lisa Young