Theater Design Elective now offered 9th period!

Ms. Maiuri is excited to announce a partnership with Cal Shakes for an in-depth design and dramaturgy study of Othello, open to all 7th and 8th grade students. This is a design class, not a performance class. The class meets 3:10-5:00 Tuesdays and Fridays and is valid for academic credit.

During the first 12 weeks of the semester, students will meet with designers and actors in two simultaneous productions of Othello and will work with the professionals to create a director’s notebook for the play. Students will also see two versions of the play, one by Cal Shakes and one by Marin Shakes. During the final 6 weeks, students will learn stagecraft as they design and build sets and costumes for the spring show.

Please see Ms. Maiuri for more information and to sign up during the first week of school.