New Students: Save Your Spot on March 23rd

Welcome to all our new families!

Parents and Guardians who submitted an on-time application will soon be receiving a Student Assignment Letter from the Oakland Unified School District in the mail.  For information about appeals, late applications, etc., visit OUSD’s  Options Enrollment page. Your child’s assignment to Edna Brewer must be confirmed at the Save Your Spot event.

Brewer’s mandatory “Save your Spot” event will be Thursday, March 23d, time TBA.

This is a MANDATORY EVENT where you will SAVE YOUR SPOT at Edna Brewer and your student will choose elective classes.  Bring your assignment letter with you. There is no presentation and the process is not long. Please remember that if you don’t attend the event, your child will be REMOVED from the list of students coming to Edna Brewer.

You will enter through the gate on Excelsior Street where a line will form as we let families in, several at a time.  If you are unable to attend, please call us at 510-531-6600 to let us know and we will make other arrangements for you.

Also, please let us know if you will NOT be attending Edna Brewer in the fall so that we can make room for the the many students who are on the waiting list.

Elective choices current 5th graders will be selecting:

Students will write down their first 3 choices.  All who want to be in Orchestra or Band will get their first choice. Some courses may change  due to teacher assignment. We will try to give you your first choice, but this is not always possible due to class size. Students who need academic support will be placed in support classes during the elective period.


If you have questions, please contact us at 510-531-6600.  See you March 23rd!

(Save your Spot Evening is not the same as Registration, which will be held in August.)