Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week – Sign up!

May 1st – 5th we will be showing our appreciation to teachers and staff!

Sign up using the blue links:

  • Mon., May 1 – PTSA provides Goody Bags
  • Tues., May 2 – PTSA provides lunch
  • Wed., May 3 – 6th grade families sign up to provide lunch.
  • Thurs., May 4 – 7th grade families sign up to provide lunch.
  • Fri., May 5 – . 8th grade families sign up to provide lunch (Cinco De Mayo feast)
If you can’t help on the day assigned to your child’s grade, it’s ok to sign up for another day.

One parent from each grade is needed to help set up the food. Contact Caitlyn at teacherappreciation@ednabrewer.net.

We also invite families to send a note or email of appreciation to teachers and staff. Notes can be left in the front office or students can take them directly to teachers or staff members.



Full links incase the blue links do not work: