The Math Olympiad for 2016-2017 is complete!

This was a six month effort filled with mathematical challenges and competition. This year’s Math Olympians also included Griffin Osser, Maksim Zarkovich and Liyah Khaoone, Claire Foster, Zoe King, Henry Burg, Malachi Williams, Greta Glueck., and Aidan Morrison.

  • Placing first overall for Edna Brewer is 7th grader Griffin Osser
  • Placing first for 8th graders is Greta Glueck
  • Placing first for 6th graders is Claire Foster

All three of the above plus 7th grader Aidan Morrison placed in the top 10% of all Math Olympians nationally.

The goals of the Math Olympiad are to:

  • Stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics
  • Introduce important Mathematical concepts
  • Teach major strategies for problem solving
  • Develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems
  • Strengthen Mathematical intuition
  • Foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity
  • Provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

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Congratulations to everyone involved, and a special thank you to Ms. Karlstad for providing room for the competition.