“Measure for Measure” Spring Play Auditions!

Shakespeare is here!  The play this year is Measure for Measure. Lots of details below!

Measure for Measure will be staged at Edna Brewer on May 24th and 25th, 2018.

Rehearsals will be after school from 3:15-5:15 on Tuesdays and Fridays starting in January. The whole cast meets on Fridays and scheduled groups meet on Tuesdays. Students playing larger roles will be needed nearly every Tuesday. Tech Week is the week of May 21-25th. This requires students to stay at school until 7:30pm or sometimes later. On performance nights we are here until about 9:00pm.

Experience is not necessary! We have had many students in the past who were unsure, or had stage fright, or didn’t make it into their elementay school play, and put together wonderful characters and roles. It’s one of the most fun ways to tackle a big academic challenge! Even if you’re not sure this is right for you, I would encourage you to prepare an audition just to push yourself. Even the audition process is fun and challenging.

Auditions will take place on four days: Thursday and Friday, December 7th and 8th, and Thursday and Friday December 14th and 15th. Sign up at the link on Schoology (easiest) or come to Ms. Maiuri’s door (Room 23).

Stagecraft: We are blessed to have two amazing parents working with students to create sets, lighting, and costumes. All students in the drama program help with this, but we also need small teams of students dedicated JUST to stagecraft and costumes. We are looking for 4-8 students interested in fashion design, sewing, and costuming and 4-8 students interested in building sets and props.  Experience is not necessary, but you need to be able to be independent, careful and able to follow directions. If this sounds interesting, tell us more at the “Stagecraft/Costuming Teams” link below. I’ll put out more information about a meeting for our stagecraft and costuming crews after I get a list.

Auditioners should prepare in the following ways:

  • Memorize a short monologue and practice speaking it several times. For the biggest challenge, choose a Shakespearean monologue. If you’re not there yet, choose one of the modern monologues.  You can prepare your own or I’ve attached several at the bottom. I will place printed copies in a folder by my door (Rm 23).
  • Read a summary of the play (linked below) or talk to a 6th grader (they studied it this year).
  • Get a basic understanding of the characters and roles (below) so you can see what interests you.
  • Check your schedule and be realistic about your previous or upcoming commitments.

The roles (Note: I have included Shakespeare’s gendering of his characters but students of any gender identity are considered for any role):

Vincentio: a kind but unsure leader that leaves Angelo in charge of his city and goes in disguise to see what his people are really like. Role size: Main  Keywords: gentle, thoughtful, frustrated

Angelo: a cold and cruel ruler that decides that the city he has taken over has too much freedom. Role size: Main  Keywords: power-hungry, sexist, uptight

Isabella: A virtuous young woman that must stand up to sexism to save her brother Claudio’s life. Role size: Main  Keywords: strong, angry, righteous

Escalus: Advisor, judge, and moral center of the city. Keeps the peace (or tries to). Role size: Main Keywords: stern, fair, organized

Lucio: A joker and troublemaker, Lucio starts stuff between nearly all the other characters. Friends with Claudio. Teases Vincentio. Role size: Main  Keywords: loud, annoying, flamboyant

Claudio: A young man who is sentenced to death for getting his girlfriend pregnant. Role size: Medium  Keywords: young, careless, afraid of death

Provost: A judge and advisor who works with Escalus, Provost goes behind Escalus’ back to try to save Claudio. Role Size: Medium/Large Keywords: worried, tries to do the right thing

Mistress Overdone: a woman who runs a “house of ill-repute” in the city. She is threatened by Angelo. Friends with Lucio and Claudio. Role Size: Medium Keywords: bold, sassy, worn out

Pompey: A young man who works for Mistress Overdone; later a prisoner with Claudio.  Role size: Medium/Large Keywords: confident, smooth talker, enthusiastic

Mariana: A woman who used to date Angelo and ends up begging for his life. Role Size: Medium Keywords: innocent, unsure, pleading

Elbow: A confused constable (low-class police officer) who delights in his/her job but never gets it right. Role Size: Medium Keywords: goofy, bossy, confident-but-dumb

Small roles:

Abhorson, an executioner

Barnardine, a pirate who refuses to be executed

Juliet, Claudio’s girlfriend (also a prisoner)

Froth, a client of Mistress Overdone’s

Francisca, a nun

Two friars (monks)

Messengers and others