California Healthy Kids Survey – Our School Goal is 70% Participation!

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Each year since 2012, Oakland Unified School District schools have conducted a survey of parents of children in all grades. The data gathered from the parent version of the California Healthy Kids Survey is reflected in each school’s School Performance Framework (SPF) which is publicly available for community members to review. To learn more about the SPF and view Edna Brewer’s report, go to

For the last two years, Edna Brewer Middle School has had the highest parent/guardian participation rate in the middle school network with over 60% of parents completing a survey. This year our school goal is to have 70% of all parents complete a survey! Please note the big changes to the survey from previous years below:

  • This year, the parent version of the survey can only be filled out online.
  • No paper surveys will be collected or distributed.

All parents and guardians are asked to complete the survey. If you have more than one student at our school, please fill out a separate survey for each child.  Please note the survey is anonymous and individual responses will not be shared.


To access the parent survey please:

    • Type (URL is case sensitive) into a browser of your choice OR
    • Type into a browser of your voice
    • Choose the language you would like to complete the survey in; it is available in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Arabic and Khmer
    • These links will also be available on Schoology

When you are all done, please sign the section below indicating you have completed the online survey and have your student return this letter to their Advisory teacher. Your student will receive advisory credit for having their parent/guardian completing the survey and returning this form.


Mr. Layne


Please sign below and detach this bottom section and have your student return it to their Advisory teacher.


  • By signing below I attest that I have accessed and completed the online California Healthy Kids Survey for Edna Brewer Middle School.


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