Be a Classroom Library Guardian

Nurture the love of reading for 30 children next year by becoming a library guardian in your student’s Advisory / SSR class.

  • All Edna Brewer Panthers read for 25 minutes every day during Silent Sustained Reading (SSR), also known as English Enrichment. We need librarian guardians for every SSR library throughout the school.
  • By signing up, you are committing to supporting reading all year for 30 students by leveling (sorting books by reading level) and maintaining one classroom library for the school year.
  • We will train you – we have an existing process and classroom libraries that need a little more love.
  • The commitment includes one afternoon training to start you off and 5 afternoons (your choice of day) of work throughout the year in your student’s Advisory / SSR class after student dismissal.
  • You will remain in contact with the Advisory / SSR teacher you are partnered with regarding: new books and leveling that needs to be done, support with obtaining replacement books, or possibly even helping with tape reinforcing on book spines.

Please contact Ms. Sambrani to volunteer or to learn more: or 510.531.6600 extension 651.