Student Support & Special Needs


Supports for students at EBMS

Advisory class:  An inclusive homeroom class where students receive homework help, social emotional support and build community

Strategic or Intervention classes:  All ELA and Math teachers teach an intervention class for students not performing at grade level

Promotion for All (PFA):  Twice a week after school tutoring class for struggling students

Coordination Of Services Team (COST):  Social emotional support from professional staff in groups or individually

COST/ RJ Nexus:  Information sharing between COSTeam and Restorative Justice Team

504 plans:  Health related accommodations

Individual Education Plan (IEP):  Academic and/or behavioral accommodations and case management  for students with learning disabilities and/or other needs

SST process:  Academic and behavioral interventions through 3 Student Success Team meetings, 6 weeks apart which could lead to assessment toward an IEP


Programs for students with special needs at EBMS

Resource Program:  Serves students with learning differences with pull out and push in support. Staff comprises of 2 full time and 1 part time teachers and 2 intervention specialists.

Asperger Inclusion Program:  Serves students with Asperger’s syndrome and social interaction and difficulties with pull out and push in support. Staff comprises of 1 full time teacher and 3 intervention specialists.

Mild to Moderate SDC Program:  Serves students with mild to moderate disability. Staff comprises of 2 full time teachers and 4 intervention specialists.

Moderate to Severe/ Autism Program:  Serves students on the Autism spectrum. Staff comprises of 1 full time teacher and 5 intervention specialists.

Counseling Enriched SDC:  Serves students with emotional challenges.  Staff comprises of 1 full time teacher, 1 social worker and 1 intervention specialist.