ABI Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ABI Parent Portal?

The ABI (Aeries Browser Interface) Parent Portal allows parents online access to view their students’ information in the OUSD’s student information system, Aeries.

How can I use ABI?

Access to ABI requires that you create an account, which is associated with your student(s). In order to create an account, you must have the student’s permanent ID number, telephone number, and verification code. After creating an account, you log in to ABI by going here: https://abi.oaklandusd.org/defaulthome.htm.

Where do I obtain the information to create an ABI account?

The information required to create a new ABI account will be distributed at Registration in August.  If you do not receive this information at Registration, please send an e-mail to abi-hotline@ednabrewer.net.

Do I have to have an email address?

Yes, ABI accounts are based on email addresses.

What additional information, other than an email address, is required prior to creating an account?

The student’s permanent identification number, valid area code and telephone number, and a verification code.

How do I create an account?

Instructions for creating a Parent ABI account can be viewed here.

Will I need a password?

Yes, when you create a new account with your email address, you will create a password. After you log in for the first time, you will be required to change your password. Passwords are required to be changed every three months thereafter.

What should I do if I forget my password?

Click the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the ABI login screen, and you will receive instructions on how to create a new password.

During my new account registration, I did not receive a verification email confirming my email address and password.

What should I do next? Check your Spam folder. Be sure to add portalreg@oaklandusd.org to your “contacts” or “safe senders” list to ensure you receive these emails.

Can more than one parent/guardian have an account to access student data?

Yes, just as long as they each have their own email address.

I have more than one student at Edna Brewer.  How do I access the information for all of my children?

Create an ABI account for one of your children and login to that account. At the top right-hand side of the screen there is a drop-down box that allows you to add additional students to your account.

Gradebook information is available for some of my student’s classes, but not for others.  Why?

Complete faculty conversion to ABI Gradebook will take time. The Edna Brewer  staff are making concerted efforts to increase participation, but unfortunately, some teachers are in the process of learning basic computer skills, and will need more time to get up to speed.

I notice that my student still has a Gradebook entry for subjects and/or periods they changed or transferred out of earlier this year.   What should I do?

Once a Teacher adds a Student’s name to a Gradebook, the Gradebook appears on the Student’s list of Gradebooks on the Portal. The Gradebook will continue to appear in the list on the Portal until the Teacher makes time to drop the student from the Gradebook.

The first few weeks of every school year involve numerous roster and schedule changes, many required to required to balance class sizes. This year (2010-11) was made more complicated by the Faculty transitioning to implementation of the ABI Gradebook. Most schedule changes were implemented by the end of the first three weeks. Once the schedule changes are made by the Counselors, Teachers must keep up with adding new Students to existing Gradebooks, transferring grades of Students who switch from one section to another, and dropping names of Students who have moved out of their classes from their Gradebooks.

OT Staff will be spending the afternoon together on October 7 to review these issues, and bring things up to date.

What information can I view on ABI?

Daily attendance, standardized test score data, contact information, transcripts, grades, immunizations, class assignments.  Note: Transcripts printed from the district parent portal are unofficial and will not be accepted by other schools or colleges.

The contact information on my child’s account is out of date, how can I update it?

Contact the school by telephone (510.531-6600) to request changes to your child’s contact information.

If your question or problem is not addressed above, you may send an e-mail to: