ABI Parent Portal

Beginning in the upcoming Fall 2010-11 semester, you will be able to gain online access to your students’ grade and attendance information from the OUSD’s student information system, AERIES.

The AERIES Browser Interface (ABI) is a website that allows for secure, real-time access to student data.  ABI is a feature included with the AERIES Student Information System package. Its use benefits Teachers, Parents, School and System Administrators, as well as improves the education of students by facilitating the communication of information between school and home.

Parents can access ABI by clicking on the ‘Edna Brewer ABI Parent Portal ’ image here or on the Home page, or by clicking here: https://abi.oaklandusd.org/parent/.

Through the ABI Parent Portal, parents can view:

  • The Events Calendar, nightly homework and class assignment scores for all of their children
  • Standardized test scores and results
  • Class Schedules
  • Report Cards and Progress Reports
  • Graduation Status Reports and Unofficial Transcripts
  • Daily Attendance for each class
  • Student Contact Information
  • Student Discipline information
  • The requested class schedule for upcoming terms

The ‘Gradebook’ module of ABI gives parents access to view their students’ current class assignments and grades.

Please be patient as Edna Brewer teachers transition to this new form of entering and maintaining homework assignment and grade information. Teachers at Edna Brewer will receive training in the use of the ABI Gradebook in late Summer ‘10, and the information available through the Gradebook module will become available gradually over the course of the Fall 2010 semester.

Parents of returning and incoming Edna Brewer students will have the opportunity to fill out and submit a request for ABI Parent Portal access at 2010-11 Registration in August. New parent accounts can not be created until that time.