The flow of information between the school and the community, and the community back to the school, is a critical component of keeping our Edna Brewer community vibrant.  There are multiple ways to reach out, and we have tried to summarize them below:

  • Schoology – The number one tool the teachers have to get information out to Parents and Guardians is the Schoology system.  To sign up, parents and kids provide their email address, and teachers can then use the system to send a message to either all the parents of kids in their class, or to only one specific household about their child.  Parents can also reach out to their child’s teachers through this system.  The administration also uses the system to send emails out to all households, or just to one grade.  This is a powerful tool, and one that we depend upon.  Make sure you sign up for Schoology with the code your child receives from her / his PACT teacher.
  • Phone System Robo-Calls – each year when parents sign up their children at registration and fill out the District’s Emergency Contact card, they provide new phone numbers and contact information to the school.  Staff at the school log onto the OUSD system and update or add records for each child in the school.  The phone numbers given on the emergency cards are critical, and are used when the school needs to send out information to all the households at Edna Brewer.  These can be calls about upcoming events, calls about incidents happening at school, or general announcements.  Make sure you provide a correct and legible phone number on your emergency cards.
  • School Website –  is a great resource for everyone in the Brewer Community.  Check out the upcoming events section, look for policies and the student handbook, find instructions on how to access Schoology, and get information about how to contact the school or your child’s teacher.    To get an item posted on the website, send an email to and add “for the website” in the subject line.
  • Brewer Blast – The weekly email newsletter from the PTSA.  We gather information from the school and teachers, add upcoming events, and include pertinent information from the district and larger Oakland community.  Sign up for the Weekly Brewer Blast from the front page of the website and keep up to date with everything that is happening.  To get an item posted in the weekly Brewer Blast, send an email to and add “for the Blast” in the subject line.
  • Calendar – the PTSA Calendar lists all of the upcoming school and wider community events that affect our children.  The calendar is handed out at Registration and at Back to School night, is downloadable off the website, and feeds the “Upcoming Events” section of both the website and the weekly Brewer Blast.  Check back often as items change or new events can be added.  To list an item in the calendar email with “for the Calendar” in the subject line.
  • Edna Brewer Yahoo Group – this yahoo email distribution list is a forum for questions and answers by the entire Edna Brewer Community.  Last minute information is often posted here and email blasted out to everyone on the list.  Sign up for the yahoo group on the front page of the website.
  • Hand-outs from the teachers during Wednesday morning PACT/Advisory Class.  The PACT Class is held once a week, and its focus is all about helping our students learn to set and reflect on goals, as well as teaching common themes to all the kids about Healthy Living, Healthy Relationships, Identity and Conflict Resolution.  This class is also the best place for the teachers to communicate issues to all the students at once (Wednesday mornings at 8:25 for 60 minutes).