The flow of information between the School and the Community, and the Community back to the School, is a critical component of keeping our Edna Brewer community vibrant.  The school administration and PTSA utilize a variety of communication tools:


  • Schoology – Our number one tool for Teachers and administrators to get information out to Students, Parents and Guardians.  An account is created for you with the email address you submit at registration. Make sure you sign up for Schoology with the code your child receives from her/his Wednesday PACT teacher.  Your child will be checking grades weekly on Schoology for PACT class. Schoology users can send messages to groups or individuals.  You can adjust your Schoology settings to receive email or text message notifications – or both! This is a powerful tool and one that we depend upon.
  • Electronic Sign – Brewer has an electronic sign at the main entrance with short announcements and important dates.
  • Daily Announcements: Students hear daily news and reminders (sports, student council, etc.) over the school intercom system each morning.
  • PACT Class Hand-outs:  The PACT Class is held once a week on Wednesdays, and its focus is helping our students learn to set and reflect on goals, as well as teaching common themes to all the kids about Healthy Living, Healthy Relationships, Identity and Conflict Resolution.  This class is also the best place for the teachers to communicate issues to all the students at once
  • Phone System Robo-Calls – Each year at registration, parents fill out the District’s Emergency Contact card to provide new phone numbers and contact information to the school which  Brewer staff enters into the phone system.  The phone numbers given on the emergency cards are critical, and are used when the school needs to send out information to one or all  households at Edna Brewer.  Calls can be about absences, upcoming events, incidents at school, or general announcements.  Make sure you provide a correct and legible phone number on your emergency cards.


PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association): To get an item posted, contact .

  • School Website  is a great resource for everyone in the Brewer Community.  Look for school policies, the student handbook, instructions on how to access Schoology and contact information for school staff or your child’s teacher. Check out the PTSA Calendar for all of the upcoming school events.   Check back often as events change or new events can be added.  Google Calendar users can add the entire calendar or save individual events to yours.
  • Brewer Blast Newsletter – The weekly email newsletter from the PTSA.  We gather School and PTSA news, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities and include pertinent information from the district and larger Oakland community.  Sign up for the Weekly Brewer Blast and keep up to date with everything that is happening.
  • (NEW) Cell Phone Text Messages   –  To sign up, text “@brewerptsa” to 81010.  We are giving this a try an alternative for those who do not use email. These occasional brief PTSA texts with School, PTSA and community news, events and volunteer opportunities will be much the same content as in our weekly PTSA email newsletter PLUS last minute news.
  • Facebook: Visit our “Edna Brewer” and “Edna Brewer Music Program” Facebook pages for photos, videos, and school news. Select “Following” on the Like Button menu to see posts in your Newsfeed or select “Get Notifications” on the Like Button menu to receive notifications of new posts.