After School Program FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the After School Program daily schedule?

After School Program (ASP)  is divided into two blocks. Block A happens right after traditional school day release and students are separated by grade level to receive additional academic support. After Block A, students report to snack where they meet their Block B enrichment program provider. On Fridays there are no academics, Block B enrichment only. Program runs every day from school day release to 6pm, including minimum days.


What are the Block B enrichment Programs?

  • Bike Club-students learn how biking helps the environment while learning to build and fix
  • Brothers on the Rise –Mentoring and self-development for boys
  • Cooking –Learning about healthy eating through cooking
  • Drama- Learning about acting and theater
  • Robotics- mechanical engineering for kids
  • Sports and fitness-Indoor and outdoor sports play
  • Girls Go Tech –Girls’ science and engineering
  • Urban Arts – Airbrushing and graffiti arts
  • Hip Hop Dance- Learning hip hop choreography


When will I be notified that my student is enrolled in ASP?

Notification of your student’s enrollment or wait list status will be mailed. Students will receive their individual after school schedules during the first week of school, and after school programming will begin September.


Do I have to reapply every semester?

When your student enrolled in the After School Program they enrolled for the entire year. The program runs from September to June.


Why did my child get wait listed?

All students were initially placed on the wait list after the submission of their application. The application very explicitly explains that all students are wait listed. The students are removed from the wait list and enrolled in the program based on the parents childcare need and the number of days requested. Student who needed care M-F were considered first. It was suggested that each applicant complete the special circumstance portion of the application. If they did not they were not placed at the top of the priority list.


But…my child was in the program last year?

The fact that the student is returning has no bearing on their enrollment.


How long will I be on the wait list?

Students will continue to be removed from the wait list based on the priority of the parents need for care and the number of days requested. There is no set time frame, however its important for the parents to speak directly to the coordinator and to complete the special circumstance portion of their application on file for our record. Parents should be comforted in knowing that after the first few weeks of program many spaces become available.


What am I supposed to do with my child if they can’t get into ASP?

Unfortunately our After School Program can only service 120 students per day and should not be considered the ONLY alternative care.


I want to change my student’s schedule.

Since after school programming is in such high demand with limited space we discourage frequent changes in a student’s ASP  schedule. We try our best to place our students in their desired classes at the beginning of the year. Mid year we give all students the opportunity to change their schedule. If you are absolutely dissatisfied with your student schedule don’t hesitate to contact the After School Program office.


How do I reach the After-School Program Office?

We are best reached from 12 noon-6pm Monday-Friday. You can call the main office 510-531-6600 x501 or email us at