English Language Arts Online Resources

Here are our English Language Arts (ELA) online programs and tools.


Google Drive

Students use this for multiple purposes, including writing assignments and final projects.


Logging In To Google Drive from a Student’s Home Computer

  1. Go to www.google.com.  
  2. Log out of all Google accounts.
  3. Type student.ousd.us into your address bar (or find the link on Schoology).
  4. Google ousd page will display.
  5. User log in = first name.last name and password = 00+lunch number (aka student ID number).



MyAccess is an online writing program that all students have been or will be introduced to soon. Students write all of their essays on MyAccess. Parents and students can log on and see the current essay drafts students are working on (and instructions and materials for the essay), or view completed essays + scores and teacher comments.


Logging In To MyAccess

  1. Go to www.myaccess.com.
  2. Type in the student user name (first name + student ID number) + password (999+last name). EXAMPLE: user = Mary0065594, password = 999Hurley
  3. Confirm your identity.
  4. Click on the tab for Assignments to see assignments.
  5. Click on the tab My Portfolio to see all essay drafts with comments

Note: You may need to disable pop up blocking on your computer to complete this procedure.


Achieve 3000 

Achieve 3000 is online reading program designed to improve students’ reading skills. While a few teachers are using this in English class, all are using it in their reading intervention classes.


Logging In To Achieve 3000

  1. Go to www.achieve3000.com
  2. Click on Login at the top of the page
  3. Enter student username (first name.last name) and password (00+lunch number) 
  4. Note: student id number is lunch number


Lucid Charts 

6th grade students use this to create graphic representations or mind maps of text and ideas. Recently they created their final project for the Shakespeare play, ¨A Winterś Tale” using Lucid Charts. Lucid chart projects are connected to students’ Google Drive accounts.


Accessing Lucid Charts Through a Student’s Google Drive

  1. Log on to the student’s Google Drive (see directions above).
  2. Click on My Drive or Shared with Me (left side of page).
  3. Find the project in the list of documents.


Typing Club 

Typing Club is a fun, free online Google app for helping students learn how to touch type. All 6th-8th graders are using Typing Club to improve their typing skills.


Logging In To Typing Club

  1. Go to www.typingclub.com.
  2. Click Login.
  3. Type in the student’s username and password.



Ignition is a tool on the EverFi (Digital Literacy & Responsibility™ ) website. It’s a free, online, multi-media learning platform to educate students on the risks and rewards that technology can bring to their lives.  Students across all grade levels have been completing the learning modules in this program since the beginning of the school year.


Modules Included

  • Digital footprint
  • Secure identity
  • Cyberbullying
  • Good texting practices
  • Conducting online research
  • Digital time management
  • Creating multimedia products
  • Careers in technology


Logging In to Ignition

  1. Go to https://platform.everfi.net/login.
  2. Type your student’s login:  username = student ID number and password = student ID number.
  3. Alternatively, you can use the student’s OUSD email as the username (firstname.lastname@ousd.us).