How is Oakland Unified School District Implementing Common Core State Standards?

Starting in fall of 2013 all schools in OUSD will implement Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in math and English. History and Science standards are still in their draft forms and have not been officially published. OUSD is giving all core teachers paid time to align instructional practices with the CCSS through site and district professional development activities. These trainings are especially focused on helping teachers to facilitate academic discussions, since academic discussion is OUSD’s point of focus for CCSS this year.

To learn more about OUSD’s plan for implementing CCSS in Math and ELA, please go to, then click on the tab For Students and Families, and choose Common Core from the drop down menu. From here you will be able to look at the district’s vision as well as view the Parent Roadmaps for Math and ELA.

OUSD is changing the way that students are assessed. Our district benchmark exams for ELA and Math have been revised to align with CCSS. Students will take the Smarter Balanced CCSS assessment in place of the California State Test starting in the 2014-2015 school year. It has not yet been determined which State assessment students will take this year (i.e the CST or the Smarter Balanced CCSS).
For more information and examples of Smarter Balanced Assessment: