How to Create New Account

The following are instructions for creating your Parent account to view your child’s/children’s student information through the Oakland Unified School District’s Aeries Browser Interface (ABI).

Prior to creating a Parent account, you must have received a communication from Edna Brewer containing the necessary information for creating an account.

When you create your ABI Parent Portal login, please proceed as follows …

  1. Make sure you have your Parent Portal letter at hand. It contains the Verification Code and Student ID you will need to enter during the account/login registration process. If you do not have the letter or these pieces of information, the login creation process WILL NOT WORK.  Contact to get a copy of your Verification Code letter.
  2. Start your e-mail program.
  3. Open a separate web browser page and browse to —>
  4. Detailed instructions are available using the Registration Guide links below.  Download and print them, to follow while you do the account registration.
  5. Proceed through the Instructions. When requested, enter your home phone in the format: 5101234567 — ten digits, no spaces, no dashes, no brackets. Enter the Verification Code EXACTLY as printed on your letter, case sensitive.

If you’re still having problems, contact, or call Phil Williams @ 510-759-6875.