Online Resources for Math

You can use these online resources at home to help support your students succeed with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in math.


College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) Textbook 

The College Preparatory site ( provide links to the following topics:

  • Common core curriculum
  • How to help your student, including extra practices and homework help
  • Toolkit – notes on key concepts and skills
  • Why learn this way?
  • Research and studies
  • Ordering CPM Material


Parent Guide 

The College Preparatory site provides one comprehensive Parent Guide with Extra Practice ( available for Core Connections, Courses 1-3. The authors decided to provide parents and students with a comprehensive resource that includes the concepts and skills required in all three grades. Use the guide for assistance with current course topics as well for review and practice with topics from previous courses.

  •       6th grade uses Core Connections Course 1
  •       7th grade uses Core Connections Course 2
  •       8th grade uses Core Connections Course 3
  •       8th grade Algebra – Core Connections Algebra  


Extra Practice 

Sometimes, students want an alternative explanation of an idea along with additional practice problems. The College Preparatory site provides Extra Practice (Skill Builders) resources that are arranged by topic ( Go to the beginning of each file for a table of contents. The format of these resources is a brief restatement of the idea, some typical examples, practice problems, and the answers to those problems.


Homework Help 

The homework help is designed to assist students and parents to develop and maintain mathematical understanding and skills for the concepts learned in the CPM math textbooks ( It is assumed that students will attempt all homework problems. Therefore, some of the problems have hints, complete solutions, and answers. Other problems have hints only. Still other problems refer back to previous similar problems. As such, homework help is designed to assist students to be able to do the problems but not necessarily do the problems for them.



Aleks ( is used in math intervention classes for basic skills. User ID and password required. If your child is in an intervention class, please contact the classroom teacher for your log in credentials.