PTSA Mission and Goals statement:



Our Mission is to create an Edna Brewer Community of teachers, students, and families that:

  • Nurtures the physical and emotional health of our children,
  • Promotes academic and artistic excellence for lifelong learning,
  • Prepares our students to become outstanding citizens,
  • Supports the professional success of our teachers.

As a community and because of community, we believe our school is strong.



To help teachers focus on what matters most to them – delivering outstanding education:

  • Provide support for classroom, artistic, and civic enrichments.
  • Provide healthy snacks to students in need: brains cannot fill when stomachs are empty.
  • Provide academic support to boost struggling students into the mainstream and to provide students achieving at or above grade level further academic challenges.
  • Help provide a safe environment for students on the way to school, at lunch recess, and during school activities.

To support the educational efforts, classroom innovation, and professional satisfaction of the Edna Brewer faculty.

  • Coordinate fundraising which supports many PTSA and Edna Brewer programs.
  • Provide classroom supplies, IT support, and sport activities otherwise unavailable.
  • Partner to support during and after school academic and enrichment programs.
  • Support EB community and family efforts for student nutritional, emotional, and educational preparation for daily classes.

To provide volunteers who:

  • Coordinate classroom, field trip, and school activities.
  • Promote a culture where parent and community involvement is welcomed and valued.
  • Communicate to our whole community about events and activities.
  • Provide vision to students who can be convinced of their ability to succeed academically at the high school and college level and beyond.