Teacher / Counselor Recommendations

As the time approaches to make plans for High School, some of you are considering private school for the next step.  One requirement for the private High Schools is a teacher and/or counselor recommendation for your child’s application. We take this responsibility seriously and want to make sure we have adequate time to prepare a thoughtful recommendation.  Therefore, we are putting some guidelines in place to make it a smoother process.


Please give the teachers and counselor at least two weeks to prepare the recommendations once you have given us the forms.

  1. Include private school-addressed envelopes (with the EBMS return address, too) for each school that needs a recommendation.
  2. Provide adequate postage on the envelope.  If the schools are asking for several documents, one stamp will not be enough.
  3. If you need transcripts and test scores, contact School Counselor Ms. Philips.  Make sure that you submit your request to her in writing, or by sending her an email.