Principals Message


May 23, 2012

Dear Edna Brewer Community,


 2011-2012 was a tremendous school year. Great amounts of learning took place and strong relationships were built. We worked to improve school culture so that Edna Brewer is a school where children feel like they belong. We welcomed and got to know an awesome group of 6th graders, we went to Washington DC, The Monterey Bay Aquarium and Shakespeare in the Park. We hosted an African American Family Summit series and laid the groundwork for a Black Student Union.


 We had an incredible culture night, which was highly-attended and FUN! We engaged in sports and after-school programming and have a new mosaic Panther Mosaic sculpture on our school grounds that Brewer kids made! We held nine Student of the Month celebrations and five ACT Assemblies giving us the chance to recognize almost every Edna Brewer student for academic achievement, community building or total health, the three pillars of our school vision.


Above all else, we brought back Panther P.R.I.D.E. Positivity, respect, independence, determination and empowerment fueled our every move this year and we are a stronger community as a result of these shared values coming to life in our building.


We came a long way this year and I am thrilled at what is in store for our school community in the final weeks of the school year as well as 2012-2013. Thank you for your support, trust and especially your children. They are lovely and it is an honor to work with them and see them grow.




With love and respect,


Sam Pasarow




September 2011 WELCOME Message from Principal Pasarow

It’s been an amazing first week here at Edna Brewer! We started our work on community building with PACT class on Wednesday, in which teachers and students worked to define The Brewer Way. PACT class lessons will be focused on The Brewer Way and the student handbook for the six weeks that make up the first marking period. Teachers have also been using this first week to build classroom culture and to teach routines. As administrators walked through classes this week, we got to see some pretty amazing things, including:


* student role plays that demonstrated the right and wrong ways to  execute class procedures
* teachers sharing personal experiences to build community and to demonstrate personal efficacy
* positive behavioral incentives in use(ACT tickets, public praise), and student-to-student discourse
on goals and possibilities


But our staff didn’t leave it at that. At lunchtime, a significant number of our teachers came out to the courtyard to dine with their students. A person walking the halls after school or during conference periods would have found more experienced Brewer teachers coaching and encouraging some of our newer team members as they embarked on this challenging work. During passing periods, children could be heard encouraging their classmates to make it to class on time.


All of these things point to this being the start of an amazing year. We look forward to working with you in the service of our children!