Dress Code

Edna Brewer Panthers dress for success. While we do not have a school uniform, we do reinforce a dress code.

Edna Brewer Dress Code
Students must dress appropriately at all times.

Protocol for students dressed inappropriately:

  1. The student will receive a warning.
  2. The student will be provided gloves and will pick up trash at lunch.
  3. Third and repeated offenses will lead to a referral and a phone call home.

Inappropriate clothing includes:

  1. Hoods or hats inside the building.
  2. Ripped jeans or clothing with holes in it.
  3. Revealing tops or bottoms- details below.

For Shirts:

  • Necklines must cover cleavage
  • Midriff needs to be covered
  • Fabric must not be see-through
  • All straps must be at least 2 inches wide (If covered by a sweater, the sweater must  be buttoned and worn all day)
  • No undergarment straps can show

Skirts and shorts:

  • Must be no more than 2” above the knee whether or not leggings are worn underneath
  • Leggings alone, without a skirt or shorts the length of the fingertips are not allowed.
  • No sagging pants.Students are held to a dress code that requires that pants are worn on students’ waists. Undergarments, including shorts under a student’s pants, must not be seen. Please help us reinforce this rule by insisting that your child wear a belt to school.
  • No Pajamas
  • No Bedroom slippers
  • No clothing with profane writing /logos such as drugs, weapons, alcohol.  This will be determined by